These general terms of use (the "TOU") are intended to define the conditions of access and use of the website (the "Site"), managed by Mathilde Zvereff ( ) and Alexandra Castel-Le Loupp ( ), micro-entrepreneurs, not subject to VAT (respective registrations in the legal notices).

Article 1: Acceptance and modification of the TOU

The Site User has access to the TOU as soon as they enter the site, which are visible at the foot of the page, from any page. If he browses on the Site, the User implicitly accepts these Terms of Use. If he does not accept them, he must not use the Site.

These Terms of Use may be modified at any time by the owners of the Site, without notice, to take into account changes in the Site and the applicable regulations. The User of the Site is therefore invited to consult them regularly.

Article 2: Exposants Confinés

Exposants Confinés (=Confined Exhibitors) correspond to a solidarity gathering of professional sellers of minerals, fossils and jewelry.

Article 3: Purpose of the Site is a showcase site, or catalog, allowing potential customers to get in touch with professional sellers of minerals, fossils, jewelry and sculpted objects in natural stone. No transaction can therefore be made directly on the site

Article 4: Products on display

Sellers are solely responsible for the contractual nature, authenticity and quality of their products.

Everyone strives to show each product in its most faithful aspect. However, it is possible to have different perceptions of reality according to the configuration of the different platforms of consultation of the website.

Article 5: Availability of items

The articles present on the site are all available for sale.

However, the update of the available or sold status of an item is not automatic.
Indeed, the articles are indicated as sold by the webmaster of the site as soon as he is aware of it, the information being transmitted by the seller. As the transmission of this information is not necessarily instantaneous, a product may still be indicated as available when it is in fact already sold.

Article 6 : Prices

Prices are indicated in Euros (€) and correspond to the price of each item, including all taxes, excluding shipping costs.

Article 7: General terms and conditions of sale

Sellers are solely responsible for their products displayed on the site and have their own terms and conditions of sale (terms of payment, shipping costs, conditions of return ...).

Also, it is the responsibility of the customer to inquire with the seller about his general conditions of sale.

Article 8 : Claims

The site and therefore its owners cannot be held responsible in case of dispute between an exhibitor and a customer. However, we can attempt a role of mediation (contact:

Article 9: Means of communication between the user and the seller

Each product sheet includes a contact information sheet that summarizes how to get in touch with the seller: if applicable, a link to the seller's Facebook email address, email address, phone number, or WhatsApp contact link.

The site provides users (exhibitors and visitors) with the possibility of exchanging written messages under each product sheet via a comment system thanks to the "Disqus" discussion system.
To be able to write a comment, the user can connect via his Facebook, Twitter, Gmail account, or by creating an account directly on, in accordance with the terms of use set up by this service, which only requires to fill in his name (or pseudonym), a valid e-mail address and a password, allowing him to receive notifications in case of reply or sharing of one of his own comments.
These comments are public and can be viewed by any user of the Site.
Each user should be reminded of the rules of publication and moderation of comments in the following article.

Article 10: Rules of publication and moderation of comments

The User agrees in particular to (i) remain polite and respectful towards other interlocutors, (ii) only publish comments in connection with the site, (iii) respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and you shall refrain from reproducing any content protected by an intellectual property right without the authorization of the rights holders when such authorization is required. This includes all protected texts, logos, images, videos or soundtracks, (iv) avoid any content or links to content that would be contrary to the laws and regulations in force or to good morals, in particular by not disseminating data, information or content of a defamatory, insulting, obscene, offensive, violent nature or inciting to violence or child pornography, or of a political, racist, xenophobic nature or apology for crimes against humanity, (v).
To protect your privacy, do not give any personal information (email, address or phone number) in a comment.

The owners of the site reserve the right to moderate any comment that does not respect these rules.

If a comment seems to you to contravene these rules, click on the small flag to the right of it to report this abusive comment. Furthermore, if the comment you are responding to has been moderated, yours may become irrelevant and be moderated in turn.

Article 11: Protection of personal data

Personal data is collected when the user accepts cookies. See article on cookies.

Other data is also collected when using the discussion system "Disqus".

If the user wishes to be informed of updates to the site, he or she can do so by subscribing to our "newsletter". The sending of this "newsletter" can also be stopped on simple request by email to

Article 12 : Intellectual property

Exhibitors are the full owners of their own images, videos and texts.

The graphic design of the site belongs to Vivien Leydet.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the site, regardless of the means or process used, is prohibited without the prior written permission of their respective owners and of the persons in charge of publication Alexandra Castel-Le Loupp and Mathilde Zvereff.

Article 13: Cost of using the site

The use of the Site is free for visitors.

Professional sellers wishing to exhibit are those whose stores are currently closed, or who can no longer work in a salon as usual because of the covid crisis. Obviously a Siret number corresponding to the activity carried out is required.
They must contact the owners of the Site ( who will be able to notify them of their admission, if applicable, on the next date of their participation, or not. Sellers participating in this online exhibition must pay a lump sum of 50 € including tax for a participation of one month.
The next registration session will take place in November and will be online in December (dates to be specified soon).