Welcome to our website whih gathers every month around twenty professional exhibitors in minerals, fossiles and jewels :)

It is a "showcase" site : to buy an object, you just have to contact directly the seller via his oordonates at the bottom of each product sheet.

Let's meet again for our next session October 7,8 :)

Discover below the exhibitors of September 2,3 edition :

Abraxas Gemstones - Nicolas Serayet
Au Bon Filon - Guillaume Mazankiewicz
Barras-Gautier Minéraux
Christophe Despierres
Claude Carrio
DG Minéraux - David Gouyon
Fluocore - François Moreau
JM-Import - Mickaël & Jonathan
La Cristallière
La Mine 2 Tout - Marie & Alex
Minéral O Perles - Fabienne & Florence
Mineral'Ys - Pascal Quenaon
MinerAlp - Eddie Bonesotto
Schupp Minéraux & Compagnie - Laurent Schupp
SZ-Minéraux - Cédric & Mathilde Sonney

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