Welcome to our website whih gathers every month around twenty professional exhibitors in minerals, fossiles and jewels :)

It is a "showcase" site : to buy an object, you just have to contact directly the seller via his oordonates at the bottom of each product sheet.

Let's meet again for our next session 2024 March 2,3 :)

Discover below the exhibitors of February 3,4 edition :

Au Bon Filon - Guillaume Mazankiewicz
Barras-Gautier Minéraux
Claude Carrio
Christophe Despierres
DG Minéraux - David Gouyon
French prospector - Alexandre Chervy
JM-Import - Mickaël & Jonathan
La Cristallière
La Mine 2 Tout - Marie & Alex
Minéral O Perles - Fabienne & Florence
MinerAlp - Eddie Bonesotto
SZ-Minéraux - Cédric & Mathilde Sonney
Vivien Leydet

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