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La Mine 2 Tout - Marie et Alex

We are Marie & Alex, from Britain !

We created La Mine 2 Tout 2 years ago (April 1st, but it was not an XD joke) to allow us to live from our passion!

A small personal presentation is necessary:
Marie: after a doctorate in geology (specializing in marine sedimentology) I decided to go back to my childhood dreams: minerals! Above all a collector, I was introduced to prospecting by friends a few years ago. Little by little, I learned to be demanding about the quality of minerals both in the field and when buying them. Today this is what I wish to transmit through this new activity: to offer quality minerals for all budgets.

Alex: Unlike Marie, my studies and my former jobs have nothing to do with mineralogy. I first worked in the medical field and then in the notary's office.
I didn't know anything about the stony community until a few years ago (it's not for lack of being curious though ^^). I discovered this world the first time that Marie proposed me a pebbles outing (very far from my weekend hobbies at the time xD).
This outing was an excellent experience, and then I had the pleasure to find my very first pebble...A pebble by calling another I am in my turn carrying the mineral gene !

We have had the pleasure of living from our passion for more than 3 years now, and we can meet you all year long in specialized trade shows throughout France.

This is the little story of the beginning of our activity that we hope to be as long as possible!

Payments can be made via Paypal, check or bank transfer.

We offer shipping in metropolitan France from 75 € purchase.
For other destinations please contact us!

Sales are subject to the general conditions of sale in force on our website
Siret n°838 455 616 00014

Don't forget to precise which specimen you want to talk to with the seller (with a screenshot or the page link) :)