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Brock'n Stone - Sébastien Sage


Passionate and collector of stones since my earliest childhood, starting with archaeology from 8 to 18 years old.
I got back into the swing of things 6 years ago through the Mineralogical and Paleontological Association of the Center (AMPC) of Blois (41) of which I am currently the secretary.

After a year or two of accompanying and listening to the advice of the elders and quickly getting a taste for excavation in the field, I started to do my own prospecting and excavations all over France, Faluns de Touraine, Brittany, Normandy, Aveyron, Hérault, Auvergne etc. but also abroad especially in Belgium and Germany.

Projects full head and the desire to taste the various sites known or less known, I multiplied the outputs but remaining faithful to the association, I try to bring my ideas and desires, to propose new outings to our members, new themes for our workshops young people ect.

I am also in contact with some professionals (paleontologists, geologists etc.), which has earned me two pieces in scientific publications, a crab shell and a small mammal tooth, a new genus and new species of Faluns de Touraine. Nice to be able to advance science with our small contribution.

After working 20 years in factories and in many different boxes and fields, including 18 years in the same box, following a wave of layoffs in the latter, I had to reconvert and it was quite natural that I decided to link passion to work by creating my self business BROCK'N STONE in 2019.

I usually exhibit my stand at trade fairs and stock exchanges all over France.
You will be able to see on my stand a good diversity of Fossils, French (Brittany, Faluns, Normandy, Aveyron etc) but also foreign, Morocco, Lebanon, Germany, Belgium in particular.
I also have some minerals and necklaces made by my little wife.

I hope that you will like it and that you will find your happiness.
Good visit to all ;)
And see you soon on the fairs of France.

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Shipments by Colissimo, with La Poste prices.
Siret : 84496843800011


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