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Melikaria - Patrick Pailleret


Our company MELIKARIA is 15 years old. We exhibit in the big French fairs, the small local stock exchanges of our region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and also in Belgium and Luxemburg.
Patrick Pailleret, living in Isère, has been collecting for 50 years, is a geologist, author and lecturer. We can also appraise collections.
Our minerals are very diversified: minerals from France and elsewhere, aesthetic minerals (Fluorite among others), rare species etc... You can find more than 400 minerals on my website .
If you do not find "your happiness" do not hesitate to contact us, we may have in our stocks the "rare pearl" which is not on the site.

"My passion at the service of yours

You can also find on the site models of natural stone jewelry creations. Those already sold can most of the time be recreated and do not hesitate to ask us what you would like! We then make the model which seems to us the most corresponding to your expectations, we send you photos, and if this pleases you then we send it to you! If not, there is nothing to pay on your part.

Terms of sale
  • Delivery: Free for Metropolitan France from 150.00 euros, possibility of
  • to group the orders, and for several purchased parts...Revised prices...!!
  •  You can pay by :
  •     bank transfer (preferable because it's free for you AND for me)
  •     cheque(s): possibility then to spread the payment in several cheques - to be seen together.
  • Contact us privately for prior agreement by phone or email (contact below).
  •  Avoid Paypal .....
  • Siret n°488 037 342000 18
  • The complete Terms and Conditions of Sale are available on our website:

Contact the seller directly for more information ! Don't forget to precise which specimen you want to talk to (with a screenshot or the page link) :)