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Immersed since my earliest childhood in the world of stones, I started at the age of 5 years old to explore the paths during walks, then came a key turning point in my life: a trip to Etna, where visiting a souvenir store, I was bought a box of minerals from this sleeping monster. As I walked out of the store, I was struck by the passion and started to pick up all the stones I could find on the rocky roadside.

Arrived at our bus and with a bag 4 times heavier than the little man who was carrying it, I never left this area. Then returned safely to my small town in the middle of Lorraine, I continued to have my eyes always turned towards the ground and one day, my first ammonite. I was fascinated by this mysterious spiral-shaped beast. So I started my research, and several years later I came up with a collection of more than 6500 pieces from 1 mm to 1 meter in diameter. Finally, taken by the mineral frenzy I decided to change my field completely, leave paleontology and put myself in my new passion: mineralogy.

Fascinated by 19th century scientists and mineralogists, I started to build my own cabinet of curiosities.

Passing through many fields surrounding mineralogy, I started to train on my own and then went through specialized training to acquire a solid knowledge base.

By creating AKSEL MINERALS, I would like to introduce collectors to the most beautiful side of our profession, the discovery of exceptional pieces, rarities and curiosities from the center of the Earth, or to go in search of special pieces and travel the world for you is our core business.

We manage everything from the mine to your showcase.

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