Fluocore - François Moreau

Hello to all!!
François Moreau, 34 years old, manager of the company FLUOCORE, passionate about mineralogy and crystallography. I'm crazy about Fluorine and Marcassite mainly ;) Fluorine by passion of always and Marcassite by my prospecting. I privilege the sale of minerals but I also make exchanges and purchases of collections / specimens.
All minerals offered are 100% natural ! The videos are taken outdoors in daylight or white light. No modification of video/photo (contrast, luminosity etc...) has been made and will never be made ! You buy what you see on the screen 👌 A video of each room is available for comment. I work with a classic compact camera and I can guarantee that the parts look much better in hand ;)
 You can contact me by messenger or by email .
Enjoy your visit ! 🧐

All payments accepted.

Siret n°880 425 681 000 17

Don't forget to precise which specimen you want to talk to with the seller (with a screenshot or the page link) :)

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