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Abraxas Gemstones - Nicolas Serayet


I am a gemmologist and lapidary, based in the south of France near Nîmes.
I learned gemmology at the ING Lyon and deepened my knowledge at the Nantes University. I learned lapidary (cutting of fine and precious stones) at the gemmology institute of Madagascar.
After 4 years of hesitation and reflection to find my place in the world of stones I opened my own business a little more than a year ago in August 2019.
Having a particular affection for precious opal and its hypnotizing and mysterious play of colors, I decided to cut essentially this material.
I offer a wide range of cut precious opals from Australia, Ethiopia and some rarities from Indonesia.
I also present some gems and minerals acquired during my travels.
And there is something for every price!
All the opals offered are cut by me and are guaranteed natural and untreated.

Enjoy your visit!


Siret n°812 540 490 00016

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