GARNET var. MELANITE and GRANDITE - Diakon, Cercle de Bafoulabe, Kayes, Mali


    New and original discovered in Mali for these Garnet for the least surprising. These are two varieties of Garnet, the heart rather golden color is of the Grandite (= Grossular and Andradite), and the turn black color is a Melanite, titaniferous variety of Andradite. Several hypotheses have been made concerning their formation, the most plausible and most repetitive by people who have the knowledge is this: first the heart formed, then Calcite, then Melanite formed around. All this then underwent a dissolution that completely made the Calcite disappear and leaves traces of dissolution especially at the heart directly affected, but also on some faces of Melanite. The result is in any case breathtaking, unprecedented! This garnet is complete, it is perfectly formed with the Melanite with clean faces, truncated edges, and the heart that is just superb.

    5 x 4,70 x 3,80 cm

    Reference : 2471

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    5 x 4,70 x 3,80 cm

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